How much time and trouble are you going to allow job applications to cost you?

Toff Recruitment has a different approach to acting as an intermediary in pharmaceutical sales.

I am Thea Offringa, an independent recruitment specialist within the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and (consumer) healthcare industry.

–> I do not make empty promises
–> I do not send through piles of CVs
–> I don’t believe in carefully manicured profiles

What do I offer my clients?

  • Speed & Focus (Your vacancy gets full focus for 14 days)
  • Discrete search via an extensive network in our branch
  • Double check with LIFO personality analysis, to check whether the candidate really will fit in.
  • Possibility of even more favourable rates, in the case of exclusifity and a quick result!


Why this unique approach?

… Because so many vacancies are filled by candidates who eventually, after six months or a year, do not fit in after all.

… And because it is a wasted opportunity to place people on the basis of capacity, if personality is ultimately the stumbling block.

Are you looking for mediation that really works? My strength is in making a match where the candidate and future employer are still happy to be working together years later.

Is this what you are also looking for? Then send an email to

Given my intensive approach to recruitment and selection, I only have the capacity to take on a limited number of search assignments within a given period of time.

NB! Are you thinking about taking on a new challenge? Then please send your CV together with a short open application, to

And because a paper impression is nothing, I will contact you as soon as possible, to get to know you better. Hope to hear from you soon!